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Introducing Van Kukil Cashmere

We love sweater weather! There’s nothing like a soft cosy knit to wrap yourself up in when the cold weather sets in.

For a garment that’s so classic, the variations are endless. Chunky and oversized, turtleneck, hooded, button-up – we could go on all day. But the holy grail, however, is definitely the quintessential cashmere. If quality, comfort and versatility are the major components of the perfect knit, any cashmere-blended knit will always be the winner. However, in our opinion the Van Kukil 100% cashmere range is without a doubt, some of the best cashmere knitwear we have ever come across.

"Van Kukil Cashmere is fully committed to our environment and preserving the luscious grasslands of Kashmir. We are working with partners including the Sustainable Fibre in supporting on-the-ground efforts in Kashmir to begin reversing the desertification that has taken place.

The most sustainable and humane way of harvesting the cashmere is to gently hand-comb it from the goat, and Van Kukil ensures that this method is always used. Van Kukil respects ‘FAIR TRADE’ and as such we cut out any unnecessary intermediaries in the production process to preserve the fair price that herders get for their cashmere."

Not only do they take the welfare of the Kashmir goats and the environment seriously but have also made a difference in the community, creating over 1100 jobs, helping to lift many out of poverty. We love to support brands that take sustainability and good working conditions seriously, and of course their phenomenal 100% cashmere garments.

We chose to go with a vibrant selection of pieces, there's nothing better than teaming basic tones with a pop of colour and this collection does exactly that.  

Introducing our new Winter VK cashmere range - Explore the collection below.

1.  Juliette VK Cashmere Striped Jumper- Yellow

Van Kukil yellow striped cashmere jumper

2. Jennie VK Cashmere Round Neck Jumper- Nunchai Pink

Van Kukil Coral cashmere jumper

3. Jennie VK Cashmere Round Neck Jumper- Olive

Van Kukil cashmere olive jumper

4. Chloe VK Cashmere Contrast Trim Jumper- Green and Hot Pink

Van Kukil Green and pink cashmere knit jumpers  

5. VK Cashmere Luxurious Scarf in Olive Green

Van Kukil Olive cashmere scarf

6. VK Cashmere Luxurious Scarf in Coral

Van Kukil Coral Cashmere Scarf

7. VK Cashmere Luxurious Scarf in Lake Blue

Van Kukil cashmere blue scarf

We hope you love these Van Kukil cashmere pieces as much as we do. Shop the collection here.


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