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Top 3 Transitional Pieces this 2021

Dressing for Autumn is never as simple as it seems, just as you've packed away all of your summer outfits, the British weather takes a turn and hits you with a heatwave or a cold spell! This is why you need to prepare and start thinking about transitioning your Summer to Autumn wardrobe. It's a great time as we can begin styling outfits with more layering pieces which we absolutely love doing!  We've chosen three of our favourite items that we feel are great transitional pieces as it gets a bit cooler. 

First off we're starting with a classic Cashmere jumper, the best thing about Cashmere is it is extremely soft and warm, but is very light weight and thin so is a great layering option. Cashmere is such a versatile fabric allowing you to style it on warmer and cooler days.

Pink cashmere

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Secondly, our denim jackets are an essential transitioning piece to have in your wardrobe, you can wear them with as little as a t-shirt and shorts, or for a cooler day pair with a sweatshirt and jeans. A denim jacket allows you to easily take layers off or to layer up and be warm. We have a beautiful collection of embellished denims.

Denim - embellished -jacket

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Lastly, a raincoat. You just don't know what the British weather is going to do so having a trusty raincoat in your wardrobe is a good idea! Being lightweight and thin allows you to style them with either just a t-shirt underneath or multiple layers, still ensuring you stay dry just incase the heavens open. 


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We hope you enjoyed our top 3 transitional pieces and got some inspiration for when you start thinking about transitioning your Summer to Autumn wardrobe. Sign up to our mailing list to receive styling tips and tricks, exclusive deals and 10% off discount when you first sign up.


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