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Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

One of the most important things to us whilst choosing new items for each season is to ensure they are classic and will get worn time and time again. It's no good choosing trend items you'll wear just a couple of times, dislike in a few months and never wear again. Our advice is to choose quality garments, find interchangeable pieces that match with things you already own and grow your wardrobe collection sustainably with classic pieces you will love forever. This leads me to tell you about our top 6 Spring capsule wardrobe items. 

1. Blazer

At number one, we have the blazer. Blazers are such a great capsule item as they are a light jacket option perfect for Springtime and can be worn with practically anything. If you buy or have one in a neutral shade it will be easier to wear with more colourful garments plus they add such sophistication to an outfit and make you look like a boss babe. 

Mos Mosh blazer: Taylor Bell London

2. Trench Coat 

The classic camel trench is an ultimate classic that will never go out of fashion and always look beautifully chic. Neutral trench coats can be worn with colour and prints and look absolutely fabulous. It's such a versatile piece that we think looks beautiful with a chunky pair of boots, jeans and white T-shirt for a very minimalist look. If you're feeling more flamboyant, pair it with an electric orange cashmere jumper, lemon coloured chunky scarf and a big pair of sunglasses. 

Oversized Trench coat: And Other Stories 

3. Basics 

Neutral tops and t-shirts are a must, they're so versatile and allow you to easily pair with more vibrant or patterned garments so there’s no clashing going on. You can never have enough basics in your wardrobe!

Long sleeve white top: And Other Stories 

4. Jeans

A good pair of jeans. We are serious jeans lovers and they're often our go-to item in the morning as they are such an easy, stylish piece that can be worn with countless colours and patterns. They have a way of looking effortlessly chic. A brand in particular that we love is Mos Mosh as they're so comfortable and come in an array of classic styles. 

Callie Belle Mos Mosh Jeans: Taylor Bell London

5. Trainers 

Now this is a total essential in your capsule wardrobe. Choose a good, comfortable pair of trainers that you will wear everywhere. We like white trainers in particular because they're the most versatile as you can style them with all colours and patterns without any clashing. 

Veja Trainers:  And Other Stories 

6. Cashmere 

During Spring you have to be prepared for layers as it's hard to tell what the weather’s  next move will be. A cashmere jumper is essential, they're light weight and will keep the warmth in when you need them to as well as keeping you feeling cool when it’s warmer.

Cashmere jumper: Taylor Bell London

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