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Fashion Tips: Dressing using the 3 colour rule

We all know that wearing too much colour can be a bit overwhelming to look at, and equally sometimes having too much of the same colour in one outfit can also look a bit bizarre unless styled correctly, this is why so many people follow this very easy fashion tip, the 3 colour rule. 

What is the three colour rule you may ask? The three colour rule is essentially following a guide of combining no more than three colours in one outfit at one time. This “rule” doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t wear a monochromatic outfit or one with just two colours; the idea is that combining more than three colours in an outfit is where an outfit can appear a bit OTT or colour clashing. So, this isn’t a “rule” so much as it is an outfit formula you can use to pull together chic and effortless outfits with items you have in your wardrobe. The outfit below is a good example of this, Jude has chosen three autumnal tones which are great against her complexion and compliment her greatly whilst the outfit looks put together. 

What about patterns?

As you know, we are huge fans of pattern! And our biggest advice is to use your patterns as a guide and pick tones/colours from them to wear on the additional garments in your outfit. The image below is a great example of this where we can see Claire wearing the gorgeous floral maxi Cora skirt in blue with pops of pinks and corals throughout the design, so to enhance that further Claire has chosen to pair it with a pink cami top and a denim jacket. This allows the pattern to do all the talking and be the focal point of the outfit.


We hope you found this blog useful and try out the 3 colour rule and let us know how you get on! 

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