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5 best fashion tips for over 40's

It goes without saying that the quest for great style doesn't end when you enter a new decade. Mature fashion conscious women in general, tend to know their style inside out. They're not wearing something because it's now suddenly on trend; they're wearing it because it suits them and fits in with their own style and wardrobe. Today we want to give you 5 tips we think are crucial for dressing over 40.

Know what colours suit you 

 It's so important to wear colours that compliment your complexion, if this is something you're still unsure about it would be worth talking to a stylist who will point you in the right direction of what tones and colours are best for you. They will conduct a colour analysis factoring in your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and overall complexion. 

Know what suits your shape 

Everyones bodies are different and therefore not everything suits everyone, we suggest you only buy items you know are flattering on your figure. Over the years we've learnt what styles best suit us, if you're still unsure on what your shape is and what clothes would be best suited to your figure it would be good for you to chat to a personal stylist. As choosing pieces that suit your figure the best can make a whole world of difference.

Buy quality capsule pieces 

We highly recommend buying quality over quantity and having staple pieces in your wardrobe that you know you can wear with multiple different outfits, over and over again. 

Embrace pattern and prints

Don’t feel like you have to stick to solid colours — patterns and prints are an easy way to elevate and add variety to an outfit.

Enjoy wearing colour

Incorporating bold colours into your wardrobe is a great way to add some fun into your looks and will instantly put you in a good mood whilst making you feel confident! Find colours/tones that suit your complexion 

We hope you found this blog useful, any questions don't hesitate to ask. To shop womenswear at Taylor Bell go here.

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